Link Building Case Study: Results of 515 Outreach Emails [Ep. 2]



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If you’re new to this series, our first video was about strategically building a statistics page that would generate links. And in this video, we’ll show you how we built links to that page.

In order to isolate backlinks from our email outreach efforts, we didn’t promote the post to our existing audience. On top of that, we hid it from our blog index and category pages, RSS feeds, and we even noindexed the page so it couldn’t be discovered in search.

That simply means that the post was practically invisible unless we sent you an outreach email.

And you’ll learn what our results are in the video.

So, how did we execute the campaign? You’ll learn exactly what and how we did in the video, but here’s a brief overview:
► Get a list of link prospects
► Look for reasons why people were linking to the competing stats pages
► Do a clean up of our prospects list
► Remove prospects based on link attributes and the page’s SEO metrics.
► Write our outreach template and create personalization fields for each contact.

We also got a few takeaways from our link building process, and we share those takeaways in the video too.

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