How to Get a Job in Marketing (Without a Resume): 3 Digital Marketers Share Their Stories

Want to learn how 3 digital marketers got a job in marketing? Tim Soulo, Sam Oh, and Joshua Hardwick share their stories that involved no resume, cover letter, or even much experience.
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While none of the “traditional” parts of job application were done, each marketer took a creative approach to get hired.

Tim Soulo used to be a professional DJ before he started his first blog. His career at Ahrefs started with an outreach email for a backlink.

Sam Oh used to run a digital marketing agency and numerous niche sites. His career started at Ahrefs while running a lead generation experiment to get new agency leads.

Joshua Hardwick, former freelance writer, started working at Ahrefs by getting recognized with a 60,000 word blog post on link building.

In this video, each marketer shares their stories, thought processes, and their journey to establishing a marketing career at a company they love.

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