How to Build Unique Backlinks With Resource Page Link Building



Next, you can use a crawler like Screaming Frog + Ahrefs to get the SEO metrics on all of these URLs. It would be to your advantage to use your Ahrefs account so you can get metrics like Domain Rating and URL rating to get an understanding if these are pages are worth pursuing to get backlinks.

You can then use Excel or Google Sheets to speed up your backlink analysis and prospecting. A lot of tips and filters are shown in the video to make this very efficient.

Next, you can crawl the URLs of your final prospect list and download the external links on these websites.

From here, you can analyze their backlink profiles in bulk with Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool or individually in Site Explorer.

Just go to the backlinks report and type a footprint like “resources” in the include search box.

This will show you all the resource page backlinks that your competitors have gotten. You can then reach out to these websites and get your resources mentioned there too.

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