Do you Always Need Backlinks to Rank? [7.1]



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Here are a few facts about backlinks.

First, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev has revealed that backlinks are one of Google’s top 3 ranking signals.

Second, the majority of SEO professionals agree that it’s not possible to rank in Google without any backlinks.

Third, there were quite a few SEO research studies that showed a rather notable correlation between the number of backlinks pointing to a page and the position of that page in Google search results.

In our own correlation study, we’ve also found that backlink factors correlate with Google positions a lot better than any other factors. Even the usage of an exact match keyword in your title, headline or even actual content of that page had a weaker correlation.

In that case, why did a third of SEOs in Tim’s poll vote that you can rank in Google without any backlinks?

You’ll learn why in this video.

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